Battle of Binakayan Monument

The Battle of Binakayan, fought from November 9-11, 1896, was the first significant Filipino victory against Spanish forces during the Philippine Revolution. The battle took place in Binakayan, Kawit (then known as Cavite el Viejo). General Emilio Aguinaldo the commanding general. Among those who participated were Candido Tria Tirona, Pio del Pilar, Vito Belarmino, Crispulo Aguinaldo, Baldomero Aguinaldo, Baldomero Aguinaldo and Pantaleon Garcia. The monument commemorates the battle.

Old Battle of Binakayan Monument

Old Battle of Binakayan Monument
Old Battle of Binakayan Monument

The Old Battle of Binakayan Monument in Barangay Samala-Marquez is the original monument erected to commemorate the Battle of Binakayan. The exact date of construction is not indicated. The monument is composed of three markers. The first commemorates the heroic death of Candido Tirona y Mata (Tria Tirona). The same marker mentions tamarind trees in the location that may have been cut down. The second marker commemorates the victory of the Battle of Binakayan on November 12, 1896. Below it is a smaller marker indicating that the monument was restored by the Primera Luz Filipina Lodge No. 69, Free and Accepted Masons, in 2009. And the third is a historical marker from the National Historical Institute installed in 1997 commemorating the Battle of Binakayan. Given that this is a Marked Structure, it must be given prominence. Unfortunately, the monument is in a state of disrepair and muted by the structures built around it.

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